What is V4l Technologies

V4L Technologies are the aggregators and creators of an exclusive platform for the convenience of both buyers and sellers. This initiative aims to support and help local vendors to grow and make their lives easy. Buyers can select from the list of vendors, whose taste is most delicious to them or which new one they want to experience. This platform is easy to access and convenient to folks of any age.

Promoting Sellers And Buyers Welfare

It connects the seller and buyer on single platforms so that they can deal in food items, fast foods, groceries, confectionaries, and other edible products. We understand the importance of flavour and there must not be any sort of compromise with that. Your appetite that should be calmed at urgency and instantly. We introduce an online platform so that buyers can directly contact the restaurants, grocery stores, sweet shops and street vendors (Thadi Walas). Your selected or ordered food items will be available on the subway or for self-pick up only.

Paradox Step For Orthodox Vendors

Vendors will have to register their firm or outlets on this platform and after verification they will be able to render their services. After placing the order to be cooked or prepared, sellers and buyers can communicate with each other, and in that mean time buyers will have to commute to that particular outlet and pick their food items up.