7 Advantages Of Using Vocally Ordering App For Your Restaurant

7 Advantages Of Using Vocally Ordering App For Your Restaurant

  • v4ltechnologies
  • Sep 11, 2021

In a mobile environment, a mobile app appears to be a physical extension of your menu. However, this is not the case. A successful mobile app like Vocally is the result of many factors coming together. Vocally is a well-balanced mix of these elements, including design, content, and responsiveness.

Vocally not only serves as a convenient ordering platform, but it also serves as a one-stop shop for increasing customer engagement. Vocally can provide added value to your customers, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

7 ways in which Vocally will help your restaurant to outrank your competition:


It is Consumer-Friendly

Many restaurants have been able to effectively manage their peak business hours thanks to Vocally. Many people are able to avoid the painful experience of wasting time in a long line thanks to online ordering. They can easily order their meals from Vocally when they are stuck in traffic or on their way to pick up the kids.

Vocally allows you to order from any location at any time without having to stop what you're doing and call the restaurant. The food experience has progressed significantly, and customers now have a much more pleasant experience. And if you can vouch for such an experience, customers will come your way in droves.


Easier to attract new customers

Vocally is a fantastic customer engagement tool. But the real question is: What value can you offer that will encourage your customers to seek out your restaurant and return on a regular basis? You'll need to provide the right mix of products and services to accomplish this. Vocally has a number of built-in options for maintaining high levels of engagement. Use new offers to keep your customers interested in your restaurant.


Running a highly specific marketing campaign

Have you thought of running a campaign for each individual customer?

You may believe that this is a time-consuming and difficult task that is nearly impossible to complete. You can, however, with Vocally! You can run promotions for your customers that are tailored to their needs. You will have the crucial advantage of data with an online ordering system. This information will help you understand which items your customer prefers to order together when he prefers to order, and a variety of other metrics that will help you improve your business and ultimately increase revenue.

You can send a special discount on a customer's favorite item if they haven't visited you in a long time. They'll either go to the store or, more likely, order online through Vocally, and they'll almost certainly order other items from the menu.


Lesser mistakes and lesser problems

Investing in Vocally for your restaurant will give you and your staff a much-needed break. Your team can leave the mundane tasks to Vocally and focus on more important things by incorporating online ordering into their daily routine.


Streamlining the action of Ordering- Processing- Delivery

Small restaurants can now take advantage of a sector that was previously only available to large chains with their own delivery fleets, thanks to the growing delivery market and third-party delivery platforms. Vocally serves as your virtual storefront, allowing customers to place orders and track them as they are processed. Vocally's unique feature raises customer engagement to new heights.


Online Presence, Reviews, and Ratings 

Vocally will assist your restaurant in reaching a larger audience. Customers prefer to use their mobile devices to place orders. A positive interest in your business will be sparked by a seamless mobile experience, which can be further boosted by using customer reviews and ratings. Reward your customers for positive feedback, and address any issues that arise as a result of negative feedback. A prompt response can easily resolve the majority of these negative feedbacks.

Benefits of Vocally ordering app for your customer

  • No more waiting in long queues to place an order.
  • Increased transparency in pricing
  • The convenience of ordering from any place at anytime
  • Multiple ways to pay for the order
  • Loyalty points can mean better savings when they frequent a particular place

Benefits of Vocally ordering app for restaurants

  • Customers spend more when they order through an app as they have more time to make a decision
  • Restaurants can handle orders with more accuracy and increase their productivity
  • Loyalty programs help restaurants to retain customers and do more repeat business
  • It is easier to check the cash flow in the restaurant without having to open the registers and ordering notebooks
  • Improved efficiency and lesser running costs


Vocally is a complete package; not only does it assist in bringing in more orders, but it also helps with scheduling events, reducing errors, and preventing food waste. Vocally is a direct channel for sending push notifications to your local customers.