Best Street Food in Delhi

Best Street Food in Delhi

  • v4ltechnologies
  • Jun 22, 2021

Take a deep breath because the wait for the list of the best street food in Delhi is here! It’s no surprise that one can find mouth-watering street food in almost every nook and corner of Delhi. We all have heard a lot of the spicy and tangy Golgappas, fiery momos, and out-of-the-world chole bhature, and this is just the essence of the amazing street food you can find in Delhi. Whenever you are in the capital of the nation, where the hustle and bustle never die down and is called a city of people who carry a heart of gold, make sure you try these amazing dishes we are listing down below!


Ram Ladoo


Unlike any other Ladoo, a Ram Ladoo is savory in taste. A perfect delicacy for every street food lover who prefers something mildly spicy but extremely delicious, Ram Ladoo is the right pick for you! Balls of soaked and ground pulses mixed with flavorful Indian spices are deep-fried in piping hot oil and are made crisp on a low flame. These fritters are topped with refreshing grated radish and some spicy flavourful mint chutney without which this dish seems incomplete. Whenever you are in Delhi, make sure you enjoy this delicacy because according to us, no other place serves anything like it!


Daulat Ki Chaat


When you hear someone say chaat, the first thought that comes to mind is it’s going to be something spicy and tangy but Delhi, the capital of India, has brought a twist to chaat. Daulat ki chaat is served in the nooks and corners of the old Delhi, like Chandani Chauk and is a centuries old delicacy. This heavenly sweet just melts in your mouth and takes you on a delectable  journey of it’s own.


Chole Bhature


While this is not a secret, our list wouldn’t be complete without it. You’ll find amazing and oh-so-tasty chole bhature at almost every corner in Delhi. No city serves food like Delhi does and Chole Bhature are a perfect example of that. Eating them might fill your stomach, but never your heart. Yummy chole when served with piping hot fluffy bhaturas with a side of spicy pickles is a way to every person’s heart!

Few of the places we love are Sita Ram Diwan Chand, Chache Di Hatti, and Baba Nagpal Corner. Defibnitely go and try delhi Chole Bhature wheneve you are in Delhi!


Tandoori Soya Chaap


Not a lot of people mention this deletable dish in their list of faviourte street food in Delhi and we are not ready to make that mistake. Roasted on skewers and drenched in cream, Soya Chaap is the ultimate way to start an appetising meal. Have it in gravy with a Rumali Roti or have it dry with some chutney, you’ll thank us for recomming it to you. Chaap Point inKirti Nagar, FCF Chaap & Kabab’s in Rajouri Garden and Wah Ji Wah in Janakpuri are few of our favioutre places that serve chaap!