Best Street Food to Try in India

Best Street Food to Try in India

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  • Jun 22, 2021



A burst of flavors is what this street food resembles. You’ll find this anywhere in India and even though people might use different names in different cities for the flavor of Golgappas remain as yummy as ever. And it is no surprise that these are also the most loved street food of people of all ages.


Chole Tikki


Another favorite of street food lovers. This is a potato-filled crispy patty mixed patty, topped with Chola curry, and several chutneys, and the amalgamation of all these ingredients is just a treat for everyone who is having this dish. Try it once and you’ll be a forever fan!


Kanji Vada


If you’d prefer a light and healthy snack to satiate your love for chaat then you should definitely try it. It consists of a salty watery syrup made of various ingredients and the vada made from lentils is dipped into it. It tastes so much better than it sounds!




Famous street food from the state of Bombay. Dabeli is made using a super soft bread fun and filled with a filling of potatoes, namkeen, chutney, and a lot more ingredients and is then roasted on a Tawa. It’s a must-try for anyone who visits Maharashtra.


Vada Pav


Another dish from the famous and busy streets of Maharashtra. You’ll find it on every nook and corner whenever you visit Maharastra and infact, nowadays, it’s being cooked all over India so I am sure that you’ll find a vendor selling Vada Pav near your house!


Pav Bhaji


Favorite of every generation. Unlike many other street foods, Pav Bhaji is quite filling and the dash of Amul butter added to the dish just makes the whole meal yummilicious!




Nothing beats a steamy plate of momos served with the staple spicy garlic chutney. It’s a perfect dish for anyone who loves spicy food. People all over India love momos and if you don’t like the steamed ones then there is a wide variety for you to explore from!




Chowmein made by a street food vendor tastes so much better than served at any five-star restaurant! Almost everyone must have had chowmein and it won’t be wrong to say that everyone is a fan.


Sambhar Dosa


A delicacy that originated from the South of India has made its mark in the North as well. Dosas come in a variety and it is safe it says that they are not just tasty and filling but also quite healthy. If cooked right, this could be your favorite.


Chole Bhature


Do we even need to express our love for chole bhature? This is the best possible dish ever. Tastes heavenly and is super filling, super cheap, and can be found on every nook and corner, especially in Delhi and Punjab.


Jalebi Fafda


Street food from the land of Gujarat. Jalebi Fafda is a match made in heaven and is a must-have whenever you are visiting Gujarat. They are light on the palette and definitely irresistible.