Best Street Food to Try in Jaipur

Best Street Food to Try in Jaipur

  • v4ltechnologies
  • May 24, 2021

Exploring the dynamic and contrasting flavors of Indian street food is one of the best experiences you can have whether you are a localite or a traveler. Whichever is your favorite cuisine, you are bound to fall in love with Indian street food. Every nook and corner in India is filled with localities creating lip-smacking delicacies for you, the taste of which you’ll never forget. In India, one such city that is serving a variety of dishes at unbeatable prices and heavenly taste is Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. From sweet to savory, you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste buds. Let’s together explore the rich flavors of street food in Jaipur!

1. Pyaz ki Kachori

Whenever you are traveling to Jaipur, the vibrant city of pink walls, you cannot afford to miss out on this spicy yet delicious delicacy. You’ll find Pyaz Kachori in every nook and corner of Jaipur, crispy from the outside and soft from the inside, this Pyaz kachori will melt in your mouth. Try this with the sweet-savory chutney served with the kachori which will add a tang to the entire palette.

2. Bejad Roti with Garlic Chutney and Sabzi

You’ll find this delicacy in various shops and thellas of various street food vendors. India is an amalgamation of rich and diverse cultures and distinct cuisines. Bejad roti with garlic chutney and sabzi is the specialty of Jaipur among other dishes. It’s a perfect meal to have for a winter brunch. The spiciness of the chutney makes this dish apt for all spicy food lovers. And if you are having this in the summers then make sure you have some chilled and refreshing buttermilk with it!

3. Raj Kachori

All chaat lovers would know about the flavorful Raj-Kachori which is among the best things to have while you are in Jaipur. A flaky and crispy ball-shaped kachori is deep-fried and then filled with flavourful chutneys, potato, and chana filling with lots of dahi and topped with Indian spices and namkeen! We know your mouth is watering already so make sure you try Raj Kachori in Jaipur.

4. Mirchi Vada

Tickle your plethora of taste buds with this flavorful and mouth-watering Mirchi Vada. Unlike the name suggests, this delicacy isn’t that spicy but definitely very tasty. Some vendors serve it with hot kadhi which increases which makes it tastier! A potato mix filled in chili is coacted with seasoned gram flour and deep-fried in hot oil, making it crispy from the outside and a burst of flavors from the inside.

5. Ghewar

Now that we have introduced you to the best delicacies that will treat your savory taste buds, finish your meal with this sweet dish called Ghevar, only found in Rajasthan. You’ll find it at all famous sweet shops and in a different variety as well. Try a simple ghevar dipped in the ‘chashni’ or melted sugar or try the meva ghevar topped with a lot of dry fruits. This sweet delicacy will melt in your mouth and will be a perfect ending to a trip to Rajasthan!