Some of the Best Street Food Places in Jaipur

Some of the Best Street Food Places in Jaipur

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  • May 09, 2021

Rajasthan’s capital, historical and intriguing Jaipur is home to India’s most splendid palaces. The city’s anarchic, fascinating streets tend to tell tales. Jaipur - The Pink City is of utmost magnificence and glory. It is a city of forts, shrines, history, tradition, and every other minute detail that pops into your mind. Be it the hustle-bustle of the vehicles each day, the pace of its folks, the way things seem to work, or be it anything, this city of color will not fail to surprise you. No matter what, the Pink City will not render you surprised. What is so different about Jaipur? What makes it stand out? Is it the culture or food or material things? Everything seems to play colorfully and make Jaipur protrude amongst the other beauties. Today, you’ll find out the best food joints around the nooks and corners of Jaipur pavement.


Gulab Ji Chaiwala

Tea-lovers, your earth heaven is right here and it should be on the No.1 position in your list! The hot chai served with Bun Maska is sure to make any tea lover’s day enriched. Always packed with people, sipping their hot tea, they gossip and chat their hearts out. This Street Food of Jaipur has stories waiting to be uncovered. You’ll always find a friendly face here. It won’t fail to disappoint you. The bun-samosa is also a craze amongst the locals.


Samrat is a cozy little Street Food Place in Jaipur. It is popularly known for its breakfast dishes. As it is famous amongst the locals, this place is a bit crowded but worth it.

Indian Ice Cream Faluda

This place is rated well when it comes to hygiene, presentation of food, quality, and taste. Indian Ice Cream Faluda, a Street Food Place of Jaipur, is usually highly recommended by the locals as it is one of a kind and gives a Jaipur dessert feeling.

G-9 Ice Cream and Shakes

This Street Food Place of Jaipur, located in Masala Chowk is popular for 'Traffic Jam'. They basically serve every dessert lover’s delicacies. Their main dessert attraction is G-9 Special which is loaded with a bunch of different flavors.


Are you someone who loves the mouth-watering, finger-licking, butter-laden Pav Bhaji? The freshly prepared Pav Bhaji with its spicy taste and added vegetables is a dish you shouldn’t miss out on. An upper hand here to the customers is that all the dishes come at a low-reasonable price and are delicious at the same time. This Steet Food Place of Jaipur has earned a permanent place in the hearts of the people.

Lassi At Sreenath Lassiwala

What is Lassi in exact words? It is basically a fusion or mix of yogurt, water, spices, and fruits. So yes, people craving a dessert, this is one of the best desserts places in Jaipur. It is a nice little place to satiate your craving and have the best of Lassi around various Street Food Places of Jaipur.