Top 4 Tempting Chaats That Every Indian Loves

Top 4 Tempting Chaats That Every Indian Loves

  • v4ltechnologies
  • Jun 22, 2021

Just as India is a vibrant and diverse country, so is it the chaat. India supports a massive population with many linguistic and cultural nuances, and you can explore the variety in the many different chaat foods that describes one popular part of India. Most of the Indian Chaat dishes feature a unique and interesting spice that delivers flavors so tempting it is actually like experiencing heaven.


Brace yourself for the explosion of flavors in your mouth because we are sure these are going to be irresistible after you’ll stop reading.



Paani Puri


In Kolkata, they are known as Puchka while on Delhi streets they are famously known by Gol Gappa. For those who don't know, they are thin crispy round balls(puri) stuffed with the mashed potatoes, onions salt, chili and dipped in tangy sweet-spicy, and mint water. Eating these on the streets is an experience that is indescribable.


This compels us to quote the famous line of every desi pani puri lover "Bhaiya aur thoda tikha kar do" and the mandatory request that goes at the end "Bhaiya ek sukha papdi dena"


Pav Bhaji


Pav Bhaji needs no introduction, especially for a Mumbaikar. Its fame has spread far and wide and very soon from Mumbai and made its way to Khau Gallis around India with as many interpretations as there are diverse Gallis.


This Pav Bhaji is a meal by itself because it consists of a spicy gravy of mixed vegetables seasoned with generous dollops of butter and served with special bread that is also toasted with the wholesome butter coupled with some minced onion salad and wedges of fresh lemon the mouth-watering chaat becomes ready. They are also the most relished and affordable Chaat on the streets of India.


It is famously said “the more the butter the more it will make your heart flutter”


Vada Pav


This is the signature dish of the Khau Gallis of Maharashtra and can be found literally everywhere in India. Simple yet filling, the vada pav is a type of sandwich made from the same kind of bread that is used for pau bhaji. This consists of a deep-fried ball that is potato-filled called “batata vada” wedged between this pau that has been slathered with red, garlic-made chutney. Sometimes there is a green chili to hit the spiciness level and you cry from the taste that is so heavenly delicious.


Dahi Puri


Deep-fried puris stuffed with potatoes, sprouts, onions, topped with green & imli ki chutneys, sprinkled with finely chopped tomatoes chaat masala, salt, and red chili which is finally followed by a generous amount of curd (dahi) until it is overflowed. These puris are neatly arranged side by side and served by topping sev from above.


This Dahi Puri Chaat is also a perfect part-snack, that can be prepped before at home. The long list of ingredients can be arranged in advance and serving can be done at the time of guest arrival which can also be customized according to their tastes!